The Comparison of Beowulf and the Gladiator

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The Comparison of Beowulf and The Gladiator In every story or fairy tale it is always issues of good and evil that intensify and escalate conflict. In the Gladiator and in the epic poem Beowulf, there were many similarities that occurred. For instance Maximus and Beowulf were well respected, loyal, and they fought for what they believed in. In both stories the good and evil manifested through the themes of Man vs. Man, and Man …

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…fought to save King Hrothgar and his men, while Maximus fault for Rome. It was Beowulf's destiny to make sure that his people were safe, and it was Maximus destiny to free the slaves. They were both destined to go to heaven. In the story Beowulf and the movie The Gladiator, Beowulf and Maximus were two extravagant warriors who died fighting to protect their people. However their legacy of heroism lived on through their people.