The Color Purple-gender roles

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Gender roles play a very important role throughout “the Color Purple.” Each character in this book are very different from each other. They guide one another through life and help each other figure out who they really are. Sophia and Shug both influence Celie, who is skinny, weak, and dependent of others, and we see her role change throughout the novel. Celie who is weak and submissive strives to be like Shug. Shug's independence and …

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…Harpo and Mr.___________. She is forced to believe that men are superior, that women exist only to serve men, and have and take care of their children. Not only is Sophia taken advantage of, but Mr.___________ admits that he beats her only because she is a woman. (23) Sophia decides to leave Harpo in seek of a better life which is a big example of her battle for superiority of the female gender in the world.