The College Life

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The College Life More Independence, Freedom, Harder work, and being away from home. The college experience is one of the most memorable moments in a persons life. Ms. Holmes, Mrs. Wheat, Mrs. Parham, and Mr. Monroe all had the privilege of going to gollege without scholarships. Choosing a college is a big decision in anyone’s life. The decision of Virginia State University for Mrs. Wheat, Hampton University for Mrs. Parham, and Norfolk State for …

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…or sing in the chorus. Most people chose not to participate in anything because of the fact that they need the time for studying, doing homework or just sleeping. Ms. Holmes and Mrs. Wheat were both cheerleaders in college which took a lot of their time. Mr. Monroe and Mrs. Parham basically just sat back and relaxed or studied in their spare time. So extracurricular activities can either be a hassle or a very exciting