The Clock Struck Against Grendel

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The Clock Struck Against Grendel Time plays a major role in the novel Grendel. Grendel lived in the very turbulent time period of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages was a time of much fighting and very little intellectual growth by the common people, a time in which the great majority of the people lived in poverty and were slaves in the feudal system; a time when religion and lords ruled the state, a time …

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…the Shaper had sung what was to happen, nothing could persuade the eager ears that listened, that what was to come, would not. Grendel was doomed. The Dark Ages created the monster Grendel. The people of the dark ages depended on the monsters to create heroes. Grendel was trapped by his times and by the fate that the Shaper had set for him. Grendel was a victim of society, of brainwashing, and of the times.