The Christmas Calendar

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Another Christmas had come and gone. Seated in the living room in front of his television, Jimmy Stevenson was disheartened. Christmas evening was almost always one of the most depressing moments of the year. He hated the idea of a holiday going away as soon as it came. He gook a sip of his coffee and stared at the television blankly, watching a score of repeating holiday commercials. He always felt like yelling at the …

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…of control" and had all the charm of a small southern town. <Tab/>In their fist Christmas in their new home, Annie Carson found an old, dusty package in the bedroom closet. She opened it and gave a surprised grunt at what was inside. "John, you gotta see this!" she called to her husband. "There's a calendar in here! From '89!" Just outside the front door was a deep, low growl.