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The idea Miss Watson has of Huck Finn being a dirty, nasty, vulgar little boy who smokes, swears, and stays away from Sunday school is not a justifiable description of him. Huck’s character goes much deeper. Huck is a literal-minded, imaginative, trustworthy boy who is greatly impacted by the inhuman ways of society. His society driven conscience is in constant conflict with his free, loyal heart. A mind of the greatest literalness is represented …

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…do whichever cam handiest at the time” (95). Huck’s heart conquers his moral views of society. Huck’s heart wins as he battles the moral conflict of society. He conquers this society with his realistic-mindedness, creativeness, and loyalty. His heart defies society’s inhuman acts while his conscience pushes him towards the routine ways of society. The victory of Huck’s heart is attributable to his character traits and ultimately makes him a good person.