The Characters in Othello

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Othello: This is main character in the play. He is a Moorish General and head of the army of Venice. He is a warrior, honest, and loves his new wife, Desdemona very much. His one flaw is that he trusts his ensign, Iago too much and allows Iago to corrupt him. Iago cons him into believing his wife is cheating on him, and he kills her for it. When he realises she was not cheating, …

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…murder Cassio, he is killed by Iago. The Duke: The ruler of Venice. He sends Othello to Cyprus, and tries to settle the dispute between Brabantio and Othello. Brabantio: A Venetian senator and father to Desdemona. He opposes the marriage of his daughter and Desdemona. Montano: Governor of Cyprus, who is wounded when by Cassio when he gets drunk. Bianca: Cassio's mistress. Lodovico and Gratiano: Venetian gentlemen and kinsmen to Brabantio. Bibliography none, the book