The Characterisitics of a Tragedy Play

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The Characteristics of a Tragedy Play Shakespeare was a well known playwright.Some of his most famous plays were tragedies.A tragedy involves the decent of a great man like a king or warrior from the most fortunate success to the to total defeat and death.The plays Hamlet and Macbeth have many of the characteristics of a tragedy.The characters Hamlet and Macbeth are the tragic heros in the plays.Hamlet and Macbeth are …

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…realized what they had done and knew it was wrong,however,it was too late to change any of it. Shakespeare was a great writer.He created strong tragic characters.His plays were able to pull many emotions from the audience.The tragedies that he wrote were very good they were major tragedies.Macbeth and Hamlet were very popular tragedies,and still are today,their maine characters Macbeth and Hamlet were very strong tragic heros.