The Character of Nora in Act 1 of A Doll's House

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The character of Nora, of Isben's A Doll's House, is particularly difficult to interpret. Her character is constructed by the combination of a number of varying traits. Throughout Act 1 her ambiguity is particularly prominent. Her frivolous, playful moments are readily followed by moments of practicality and astuteness. It is not surprising that Nora is such a changeable character for she is constantly interchanging between three main roles: a supporting wife, fundamental mother and sexual being. …

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…which remain behind the veneer caused by her father and Helmer) have always shown through. Her character at this stage is one enforced on her by society and those around her. However it is inevitable that her true self is destined to shine through. Nora is a dependent woman, confined to a "play" world, striving to become independent and to enter reality despite the obstruction of her husband Torvald. Nora has yet to discover herself.