The Champ

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The Champ It was halftime; the score was tied. The Lower Dauphin Falcon Basketball team was playing with such charisma as we started to soar over the Susquehanna Indians in the second half. It was one shot after another, and soon we were winning by 2 points. The star of the game was of course our number 33, Evan. He shined on the court like an angel in disguise. The crowd was cheering with excitement as the …

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…of it. He knows that he could never be forgotten, and that he made an incredible impact on each of our lies. He is not remembered for making that three-pointer to win the game, or striking out the last batter for a no hitter. After all, Evan was our friend, and my “angel”. He will continue to live on in our hearts as someone very special until we can all join him in eternal peace.