The Challenges in Jane Eyre

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The novel, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, has a plot that is filled with an extraordinary amount of problems. Or so it seems as you are reading it. However, it comes to your attention after you have finished it, that there is a common thread running throughout the book. There are many little difficulties that the main character, the indomitable Jane Eyre, must deal with, but once you reach the end of the book you …

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…has her happy ending. After enduring so much along the course of her young life - her abusive aunt and cousins, the travesties at Lowood School, the death of her best friend, her lack of family and friends, the betrayal of her fiance, and so on, at the end of Jane Eyre, she has found the two things she so desperately needed and searched for all her life - love and acceptance. Bibliography n/a