The Causes and Effects of Global Warming

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This paper was written for a Global Issues class. It includes an introduction, a section which explains what the greenhouse effect is and a section on evidence that suggests it is occurring. It explains the effects of global warming, including the impact on ecosystems, animal species, plant species, and human species. The paper ends by offering possible solutions, and a conclusion. Also includes 2 references. Introduction Global warming is easiest described as "human-induced climate change" (Lutz, 3). …

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…also the generations yet to come. If something is not done quickly, we will have to deal with various problems, from the emergence of diseases to the total extinctions of species. Everyone contributes to the problem, so everyone should also contribute to the solution. Works Cited Godrej, Dinyar. Climate Change. Oxford, UK: New Internationalists Publications, 2001. Lutz, Wolfgang and MacKellar, F. Landis and O'Neill, Brian C. Population and Climate Change. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2001.