The Catcher and the Rye

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Summary: The “Catcher and the Rye” is not the kind of story with a meaningful story line, that is, knowing only that would indicate little on what it is about. The events told in the story, seem to unfold as flashbacks. We can sense a chronological order of events in Holden Caufield’s story, although the order does not matter as much as acknowledging each event as its own story. Be what may, here is …

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…also said that he will even miss people like Maurice (elevator operator who beat him up), Stradlater, and Ackley (a generally “nasty” guy). Basically, that part shows how people need other people’s presence, or they will become “depressed” and “feel sorry for themselves”. This could be the reason why Holden was in the hospital or institution, he suffered from depression (there was also something to do with T.B., as mentioned in the beginning).