The Catcher and The Rye

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At the beginning of the book you meet the main character Holden Caulfield whom is narrating the story.. The book starts off at Pency Prep Holden's current school at which he is flunking out of, he is only days from his expulsion from Pency and has been paying his last dues to his liked instructors. At the dorm you meet Robert Ackley whom Holden dislikes with a passion. You are also introduced to Straddler, Holden's …

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…Holden. Holden then spends the next day attempting to leave town but because of Phoebe he can't and he can't even stop from spending time with her. Finally he puts her on the carousel and sits down in the rain and starts crying. The book ends with Holden back in the institution being disrespectful to people again as usual. The ook finishes with him being in the same state of mind that it started with.