The Cask of Amontillado Hop Frog

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Montresor effectively fulfilled the first criterion of revenge, which was to punish the victim. Fortunato was punished for his insulting actions upon Montresor. First, Montresor punishes Fortunato by killing him. Montresor lures Fortunato to the dungeon by making him drunk and there he ties Fortunato to the wall and leaves the room, making Fortunato slowly die through suffering. Montresor also punishes Fortunato by killing the friendship between them. Fortunato felt happy at first telling Montresor, “…

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…being punished. Even after the king had offered Hop Frog drinks, which he did not want, and he pushed Trippetta from him, the king did not realize what he was being punished for. Even after Hop Frog laughed and showed his teeth, the king did not realize what he was being punished for and he merely laughed along with the dwarf because he thought all of Hop Frog’s actions were part of his jest.