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Year 11 The Caretaker Essay "Drama is not made up of words alone, but sights and sounds, stillness and motion, noise and silence." While this quotation is relevant to all areas of drama, it is particularly pertinent in absurdist theatre and is important in the construction of Harold Pinter's, The Caretaker. Through these conventions, sight, sound, stillness, motion, noise and silence, the idea of a random and lonely world is portrayed. The notion that we are …

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…sense of loneliness, the unobtrusive departure of safety and the introduction of menace and isolation. The change from child to adult is alluded to in connection with this realisation of separation in Aston monologue. Through the application of sight, sound, stillness, motion, noise and silence, meaning can both create and aid dialogue in the depiction of meaning. In the absurdist play, The Caretaker, by Harold Pinter much of the play is constructed through these techniques.