"The Called it a Revolution" A description of the benefits that came from America's "Revolution": both the Revolutionary war,a nd the Industrial Revolution of early America.

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The American Revolution created a great change in the colonies in the mid to late 1700's. Gordon S. Wood's, The Radicalism of American Revolution explains not only a change in the government of the colonies, but in society itself. "Such a change marked a real and radical revolution, a change of society, not just of government." (Wood, 169) People no longer saw themselves as subjects of the King, but as citizens who played a large role …

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…people's ability to increase in stature, but the ability to attain great wealth was easily accomplished. People now looked down upon dependency, they wished to be fully independent, while still supporting each other. "Anyone tied to someone else, who was someone's client or servant dependant, was servile." (Wood, 179) The American Revolution changed the views of the colonists, a change which embodied the spirit of the United States that would be felt for years to come.