The Call of the Wild vs. the Call of Love

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Buck’s identity is divided between two very different parts: his wild nature and his civilized nature. Between these emotions, Buck is torn. He is restless in the civilized world of John Thornton, and yet he is unwilling to leave because of his deep love for his master. These two parts of Buck’s character are so different, they cannot exist together. Eventually, one will have to break free of the other. “But love that …

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…free and wild beast, content to run at the head of a wolf pack. Only one trace of men remains in Buck, and that is the vague reminiscence of his love for Thornton. He does not understand this hurt, but feels it because he has lost someone that he truly cared about. So while love may never conquer the wild, it will always remain in the hearts of those who have felt it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**