The Byronic Hero

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The Byronic Hero John Wilson wrote, “It is in the contrast between his august conceptions of man, and his contemptuous opinions of men, that much of the almost incomprehensible charm, and power, and enchantment, of his poetry consists.” The abstruse “he” that Wilson refers to is Lord Byron. This famed poet developed an unmistakable style that both praises and admonishes man. Byron was not a misanthrope, but he never forgot man’s faults. Through his …

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…have preferred a more hidden ideal as he favored the brooding loner for his hero. As a king with such legendary identifications, Sennacherib drifts from the mold. However, it is clear that Byron holds great respect for Sennacherib. Rather than shame Sennacherib with a cowardly death (he was actually murdered by two of his sons) Byron chooses to glorify his last stand in battle, thereby leaving the memory of Sennacherib one of man, conqueror, hero.