The Black Plague

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"The Black Plague" The Black Plague was one of the worst and deadliest diseases known to man in the history of the world. The Plague originated in Italy and quickly spread throughout Europe killing more than one hundred thirty seven million people. Early treatments for the Plague were often bizarre but eventually came in a vaccine and through isolation. The symptoms of the Black Plague were swellings called buboes and dried blood under the skin …

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…medicine, one of the most far reaching consequences of the Black Plague (Platt 177). Bibliography Work Cited Bunson, Matthew. Middle Ages. New York: Facts on File Inc., 1995. Cozine, Phyllis. The Black Death. San Diego: Lucent Books, Inc., 1997. Gregg, Charles T. Plague. New York. Charles Scribner & Sons, 1978. Nardon, Don. Life on A Medieval Pilgrimage. San Diego. Lucent Books Inc., 1997. Platt, Colin. King Death. Buffalo. University of Toronto Press, 1996 Zeigler, Phillip. The Black Death. New York. Harper & Row, 1979.