The Birds

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Satire defined is “A composition in verse or prose holding up a vice or folly to ridicule or lampooning individuals… The use of ridicule, irony, sarcasm, etc, in speech or writing for the ostensible purpose of exposing and discourage vice or folly” (Johnston, 5). In other words, satire is the use of humor to expose moral behavior of man. In the Aristophanes’ play The Birds, satire is used to mock the common Greek’s dream of …

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…-39. I. Introduction- Introduce Satire II. Goal of Satire III. Target of Satire- Pisthetaerus IV. Attack on Target to Distort- Pisthetaerus grows wings V. Unrelenting attack on Target- Power keeps on coming to Pisthetaerus’ and birds’s ways VI. Final blow to Target to expose moral behavior needed to be corrected- Birds served at feast when it looks like Pisthetaerus achieves total power. VII. Conclusion- Don’t think power is achieved even when it is.