The Bird Eye View of the World

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The Bird Eye View of the World. Barbara Kingsolver’s book High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never is a collection of twenty-five different essays. They do not seem connected to each other at the first sight, but in reality, a few major themes, such as parenting, motherhood, family life and nature, connect them together. Several of the essays contain a critique of different aspects in the U.S. culture on which the …

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…refusal to promote yourself is perceived as arrogance”(163), in “In the Belly of the Beast” she criticized the Pentagon for using the nuclear weapons, and so on. I have learned so many interesting things about nature, about American culture from this book, and I like it. I know that all the knowledge that I got from it such as her suggestions for parents, and interesting details about nature life, will not be “just valuable skills.”