The Berlin Airlift

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THE BERLIN AIRLIFT With the Nazis defeated after World War II, the Western powers finally thought the string of wars was over. On the contrary, the USSR had other plans for the newly conquered Germany. Berlin, Germany’s capital, was divided among Great Britain, the United States, France, and Russia. While this division was intended to keep peace, the Russians were formulating plans to take over the other three sections of Berlin. The Berlin Airlift …

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…more liberties than Eastern, communist, Berlin. The Berlin Wall was constructed to keep eastern citizens from escaping to the West, becoming a perfect symbol for the Cold War. Finally, in 1989, the Berlin Wall was destroyed, and East and West Berlin were united. Bibliography 1. “The Berlin Airlift.” Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia. Compton’s NewMedia, Inc. Simon & Schuster. 1996. 2. “The Cold War.” Microsoft Bookshelf Reference Library. Microsoft Corporation. 1998. 3. “Berlin Airlift.” United States Air Force Museum Webpage. Online. 6 May 1998.