The Benedictine Monks

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The Benedictine Monks Even before the first rays of daylight permeated the cloister, the medieval monk would rise and silently enter the oratory of the church, the darkness pierced by candle flames, the silence broken by footsteps. Taking the places assigned to them by rank, the monks would begin chanting Nocturnes, praying for God to renew the day. Medieval monks lived an exacting life. From two in the morning to seven at night, the monk's …

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…which we still use today such as mining and the clearing out swamps to make new land. Bibliography (1). John P. Mckay, Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler A History of Western Society Volume A: From Antiquity to 1500 C. 1995 Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, Mass. (2). (3). (4). http://library.andvanced/benedictine/gregarian.html (5).