The Beauty of Women in our Society.

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The Beauty of Women in our Society The beauty myth; what is it? The beauty myth implies that women's greatest goal in life is to look and feel beautiful, so it seems. But according to Naomi Wolf, "The beauty myth is not about women at all. It is about men's institutions and institutional power". What factors determine the social construction of gender identity in our society, and how do these factors influence the shape of …

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…to reveal your body more. This has a huge affect on young girls in the way they dress, which can lead some girls into dressing inappropriately to school and disobeying a school's dress code. Every time a girl turns on the T.V. or glances at a women's magazine, she is bombarded by the 'ideal' image of beauty. They are being influenced into thinking that "how they look" is more important than "what they do".