The Battle of The Buldge

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The Battle of The Bulge As 1945 approached it seemed, to most, that Germany's surrender was only a matter of time. The Allies, having been on the offensive for so long, had an all time high determination and morale. The idea that Germany could muster the supplies, troops, or will to launch an offensive seemed crazy. In fact, many were already asking the questions of when and where the assault on the Rhine should be launched. …

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…there were significant losses on both sides. The Americans could replace the weapons and tanks lost ,Germany could not. All said, The Americans lost 76,890 men, the Germans 81,834, over 700 US tanks were lost as opposed to Germaney's 324 and 590 American planes were downed compared to 320 Germans. Bibliography World War II Trevor Hall and Gerald Hughes, Smithmark Publisher, New York NY, 1998 Battles of the 21st Century Ivor Matanle, Canon Publishing, London England, 1989 Microsoft Encarta '95 1992-1995 Microsoft Corporation