The Battle of Saratoga

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The Battle of Saratoga was in all likelihood the most important battle of the Revolutionary War. One misconception about this battle is that it was actually two battles right next to each other. These battles could have very easily been a glorious British victory, but the colonists outsmarted them, leading to a remarkable colonial victory. Without a doubt, these battles were the turning point in the war. There are two points of the importance of …

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…t think that any of these important events would have occurred had not the Americans been victorious at Saratoga. I don’t even think the Americans would have won the Revolutionary War if they didn’t win in Saratoga. LIST OF WORKS CITED 1) “Battle of Saratoga”, 2) Leete Stone, William, Visit to the Saratoga Battle-Grounds, 1780-1880, Associated Faculty, January 1970 3) “Revolutionary War in America” World Book Encyclopedia World Book-Childcraft International, 1982