The Battle of Bull Run

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The actual battle of Bull run took place on July 21, 1861. Both commanders had similar strategies for the battle, each panned to attack to other's left flank. General Beauregard planned the attack for the south but his Army was so disorganized that most of his orders never reached the brigade commanders. Only two brigades, those of Longstreet and Jones, actually crossed Bull Run while the rest sat awaiting orders and their attack was soon stopped when …

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…about 18,500 actually fought. Of those 18,500 460 are killed, 1124 were wounded, and 1312 were listed missing. Of the 32,000 Confederate troops there about 18,000 fight and out of those 387 died, 1582 were wounded and 13 were reported missing. This was an eye opening battle for the Union because most of them thought the war would be over in three months and it now appeared that this would nat be the case. It also served to raise Confederate confidence in a final victory.