The Battle Of Marston

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The Battle Of Marston Ai) The Royalists made some mistakes before the battle, the mistakes were down to Marquis of Newcastle being so lazy. Rupert had ordered Newcastle to have his men from the York garrison on the Moor by 6 am., but the Marquis himself did not arrive until about 9 am., and his troops did not start arriving until 2 pm. Rupert was furious - by that time the enemy had built up their forces and …

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…after his cavalry had been routed by Cromwell. 2b) The defeat for the Royalists ensured a true win of the war by the Parliamentarians. This was because the Royalists were becoming short of men, cannons and other supplies. Another important factor affecting the outcome was that a large majority of the Royalists Leaders either fled to different parts of England or Europe. For example Newcastle did not return to England until after the Restoration in 1660.