The Aztec Indians

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Tonatiuh has yet to rise from the East and shine upon us all, but already I hear stirs and murmurs coming from the street and even from the apprentice quarters of my own home. It has been an exhausting month for me and I would like nothing better than to sleep all day. However, here in Texcoco, the market only meets once a week and I must sell my goods as soon as possible.(Smith,119). …

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…set for me in life, I had not failed and in the role they had chose for me, I served dutifully. I pray that my own children will be as lucky and favored. Ocelotl shall truly make a fine warrior, and Xochitl the most fertile of mothers. And my unborn child? Who knows what extraordinary life the gods had planned for it! And dreaming of his still unwritten life, I fell into a peaceful sleep.