The Author to her Book

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“The Author to Her Book” In “The Author to Her Book” by Anne Bradstreet, the author connects the strife of raising a child and creating self-satisfying writing. Bradstreet’s tone is filled with contempt and criticism towards her “offspring”. She scorns her writing for its incapability to be faultless. However, Bradstreet still takes pride in her work and desires to mend the faults found within her creation. Bradstreet does not just give up entirely; she …

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…something that didn’t exist. Bradstreet couldn’t accept the flaws in her writing and this caused her to cast it away. She sought out perfection in an imperfect world. In the end, we see Bradstreet struggle to improve her writing. Just like a mother to her child, she wanted her writing to be all it could be. Eventually, Bradstreet set it free, with all it’s mistakes; she truly accepted what it had become.