The Art of Running

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Keri Pajer Writing 1 Paper 2 Dr. Beyer March 2, 2000 The Art of Running As Steve Prefontaine once said " I like to make people stop and say, Iíve never seen anyone run like that before." True, anybody can run, but not just anybody can run track. There is more to running than just the fast movement of legs. Running takes strength, endurance, and a tremendous amount of guts. There are many races which a track runner can …

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…and know what pace is right for them. Itís hard to run for a long period of time and keep a steady pace. Therefore pacing is everything. Running is fifty-fifty, half physical and half-mental. If your short on one, you wonít make it. Steve Prefontaine knew what it took to be a runner. That is why he is considered one of the nationís best, a legend. He mastered the art of running.