The Apartment - Character Arc and the Hero's Journey.

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The Apartment The ordinary world to Calvin Clifford (C.C) Baxtor is pimping his apartment to his superiors. For a bachelor, Baxtor's apartment isn't popular amongst his friends because of its size and upkeep, but because it's the hub for all the extramarital sexual escapades of superiors. Baxtor does this so he can get promotions and pay-raises, and he doesn't seem bothered by being the corporate tool. He just works after hours, waiting for his …

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…party, but he declines. At the same time, Miss Kubelik and Mr. Sheldrake are at a New Year's Eve party and Mr. Sheldrake tells her what Baxtor done. She is impressed and goes running back to Baxtor, leaving Sheldrake and probably her job behind. Baxtor opens the door to see her, and he is so happy. He never expected this; he just wanted to get out of seeing her being hurt and him losing respect.