The American Recolution Considered as a Social Movement

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"The Effects of the American Revolution" J. Franklin Jamesonís book, The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement, explains how our revolution was more than a war for political change to democracy. The revolution caused a social movement in addition to the political purpose of it. This social movement caused many changes in America, changes that far exceeded a switch to a democracy. First, Jameson said that the war affected American society by changing …

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…were removed, land didnít have to continually be paid for, resources became available for free use to their owners, and entails and primogeniture were thrown out. In the end, the American Revolution was a social, as well as political, revolution. Even though the original intent was merely to gain freedom, its effect turned out to the beginnings of a great social movement for what became the most socially advanced country in the world today.