The Affair of The Necklace, Marie Antionette 's exubernat appetitte for exotic jewels has taken its toll on the 3rd estate .

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On Christmas day of the year 1783 the bluching 16 yrs old Austrian Princess soon to be Queen of France arrived at the French Court.As day strolled by the EMpire grew bigger under the newly appointed minister of Finance .As the EMpire Grew booth militarily and economically as did the Royals need for acquiring huge wealth.Wealth was everywhere in the exuberant building the expensive looking architecture the musems on the Rue Royale.Money was pouring …

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…on her . She thought if i go to ALbany now and take a boat to England and have assylum no one would mind because my father ruled ALbany and made it prosperous for thirty fove years. Ahh with the stones on it i could buy a country of my own Jeanne went to England with the necklace and niether the Queen nor the people were happy about it and that led to the Empire's colapse.