The Aeneid

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Dido and Aeneas The Aeneid is considered as the single most important poem ever written and has continuously guided and inspired billions of readers. Its popularity today remains the same as it was back in the time when it was published. Virgil, a Latin poet, devoted the final 11 years of his life to write this masterpiece book length poem. After completing it, but before revising it, Virgil left Italy for a trip to Greece. There, …

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…her own life, she shows the final proof that what happened was her fault. Aeneas was only fulfilling his duty as a military commander, as well as a father to his son. It was the gods will that he make it to Italy, and he was obligated to fulfill it. Dido had let her city down, as well as her dead husband. She had no way out, other then to kill herself, which she did.