The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1.Period: The period that is most evident in this novel is that of realism. Realism is a style of writing, developed in the nineteenth century, that attempts to depict life accurately without idealizing or romanticizing it. Mark Twain depicts the adventures and life of Huck Finn in a realistic, straight-forward way. He did not try to ³idealize² or ³romanticize² his characters or their surroundings; instead he described them exactly how they …

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…idiom as a literary language. Twain also uses metaphors to illustrate his themes such as slavery as a metaphor for all social bondage and injustice. Twain also uses irony in order to attack the ³civilized world² and institutionalized religion. Southern Romanticism, which Twain blamed for the fall of the South, is allegorized by the sinking of the Walter Scott and the feud between Sheperdsons and the Grangerfords, which was traditionally glamorized by the romantic authors.