The Absence of Truth Leads to Chaos in King Lear and Oedipus Rex

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Throughout history, the absence of truth has caused turmoil between various groups. However, when a false sense of reality is established, the revelation of the truth brings further turmoil to the involved parties. In King Lear, William Shakespeare conveys the concept that the absence of truth causes a state of disorder. Sophocles further elucidates the chaotic nature of a false sense of reality in Oedipus Rex. Deceptive actions lead to future turmoil. An atmosphere of …

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…was in a state of turmoil. At the time, communism was on the rise, while his people were starving and his German wife was perceived as an enemy. The Utopian world in which he lived shattered and he was led into prison and later killed. Truth becomes increasingly painful to bear when it is not sought out and becomes evident too late. A knowledgeable state of being may incur hardships but is ultimately more beneficial.