The 1960s

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1 The 1960ís were a time of great change in American society characterized by ethnic consciousness and civil rights, womenís rights and female liberalism, anti-war demonstrations, student protests, and the genesis of the counterculture. A noted speaker once said, ďThe Cold War, conformity, and consumerism provided the background for the social protests movement of the 1960ís. The cause of the protest movements were much more deeply rooted in U.S. institutions and history.Ē Although the …

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…whites and blacks and united them under one cause-civil rights. Furthermore, this led successful women in the 5 (SNCC) group to challenge their roles in the movement and eventually paved the way for the womenís rights movement so prevalent in the 1960ís. Thus the protest movements of the 1960ís were indeed rooted in the history and institutions of the 1950ís which were characterized by the threat of Cold War, conformity, and consumerism. Bibliography No Bibliography