The growth of Charlie Chaplin's fame. It includes early childhood, his love life, and of course his movies.

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Charlie Chaplin was born in England on April sixteenth, 1889. He was the youngest and always had a rivalry with his older brother, Sydney. Sidney was two years older than he was. His father, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Sr. was an actor. His mother, Hanna Chaplin, was a singer. His parents gave him a strong background to become an entertainer. Chaplin went to school until the age of eight when he quit school to clog dance. Sadly …

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…great comedian. This was his first time back in America since 1952. He also was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1975. Two years later on Christmas day, he died of natural causes at his house in Switzerland. He was eighty-eight, and left behind eight children with Oona, his wife since 1943. People now view him as the father of comedy. "Chaplin was a lovable but unloving figure--a fascinating, elusive, and difficult human being" - Encyclopedia of World Biography.