The Economics of Department of Defense Base Closures

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The Economics of Department of Defense Base Closures In its most basic element, economist David Colander explains that economics considers how producers and consumers use scarce resources in an attempt to satisfy their unlimited wants (Colander, 2004). Throughout the past decade, and most recently with the announcement of the Efficient Facilities Initiative (EFI), the Defense Department has forged ahead with a plan to complete multiple rounds of military base closures in order to conserve scarce Department …

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…and to reshape our infrastructure to better use scarce resources to match the future mission and force requirements of the 21st century. References Aldridge, P. (2001, August 2). Under Secretary Aldridge Briefing on Base Closure Process. <Tab/>Department of Defense DefenseLINK. Retrieved December 5, 2004 from; .Cahlink, G. (2004, March 22). Pentagon should postpone base closures. Retrieved December 5, 2004, from; Colander, P. (2003). Macroeconomics. Columbus, OH: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.