The Economic Problem - Foundations of Free Market System

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Human beings are created to strive and survive in cases of scarce resources; however, is society ready to stand by itself in the case of extreme emergencies where resources are few to be distributed among all the population? This question and others will be covered on this paper. This paper will cover briefly the economic problem and its solution focus in the daily events or activities these days, and in a highly urbanized world. What …

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…problems, usage of technology, fixing problems in social organizations, and helping each other, the society itself will find its the solution in this "fix". References Heilbronet, Robert, L., William, Milber, S. (2002). "The Making of Economic Society - The Economic Problem & The Premarket Economy". Chapter 1 and 2. Printed by Prentice Hall. Young, Richard (1996). "Basic Economic Problems". Retrieved on September 15th of 2004 from the website: