Tha Block is Hot

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Straight off tha block hoe Vest in my hand trusting no man Got my glock cocked Running in sand you understaand It be steaming blazing i swear boy its crazy hollygrove 17 tha hood where i was raised in dey be bustin heads hoe runnin duckin feds hoe rocks under they tongues hoe ki's under dey beds hoe good for tha real soldiers 24-7 hustlers (ehh) untill we shove a barrel down yo pipe sucker ain't …

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…Wayne* Whoop dem people comin cause the block is hot chiggablaaoh bust yo guns because tha block is hot sssssss cook it up cause tha block is hot Say Lil' daddy hook it up cause tha block is hot (repeat 1x) *Lil Wayne* My block hot nigga my block burnin my block on fire wody what about yours?(repeat 1x) *Lil Wayne* Tha block is hot, tha block is hot, hot, hot (repeat 3x) What!!!