Th Soul of Pericles

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The depths of a man’s soul can be eternal with just a few highlights rising to the top once in a while for the outside world to try and comprehend. A leader’s soul however must constantly be put on trial and reviewed like some debatable artifact. Is the man just? Does he have too much power? Where will he lead us? In this way, a leader’s soul is under scrutiny as long …

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…it grow within their empire only to be possessed by it a generation later. Does this foreshadow the downfall of the Athenians? I believe so and so may Thucydides even though he may not know it. “With his successors it was different. More on a level with one another, and each grasping at supremacy…by which they not only paralyzed operations in the field, but also first introduced civil discord at home” (2, 65). Thus it begins.