Test of Tests (Job)From the Bible

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The Test of Tests Imagine you are a millionaire with three (3) kids. A son ten (10) whose dream is to follow your footsteps. Twin daughters who are thirteen (13) and prettier than a golden sunset, a beautiful wife, a huge fabulous 4000 square foot home, you're driving a brand new gold Roll Royce. Everything in your life is fine. You have built a solid foundation on God and everything He stands for. One night before going to bed, …

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…works by committing our self to God. We too will be rewarded as Job was for his unfaltering commitment to God. Work Cited Eichman, Phillip. Job and the problem of innocent suffering. http://www.wayhome.org/Frames_files/suffer_files/sufferJobInnocent.html (November 18, 2002). Hebrew meaning of Job. http://www.infoplease.lycos.com/ipd/A0500549.html (November 18, 200) Kennedy, James DR. Why I Believe. World Publishing Nashville: 1999 The Holy Bible, King James Version. United States: Thomas Nelson, 1994.