Terrorism and the most important precautions that people should take in case terrorist attacks were to occur in America.

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Terrorism is an evil act, which can cause fear, destruction, and even loss of human lives. People that are powerful, heartless, and uncaring use it in order to carry on an evil plan or purpose. Americans have been victims of it. We all remember the tragedy of WTC in September 11th, 2001. Since then, our country has been hit with additional threats, thus causing our authorities, the military and civilians to be on high alert. Taking …

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…and alive for a long time. Taking precautions is definitely necessary right now. Our country is being hit with terrorist threats, and people need to be informed and prepared for a tragedy. Though, authorities and military are doing their best job to keep United States safe from attacks, nobody knows when something might just happen by surprise. Americans need to be prepared for anything. Hopefully nothing happens to this country, and this War ends quickly.