Televisions Negative Effects on Children

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Megan B. Welch September 25, 2000 Televisions Negative Effects on Children Have you seen what is on television? Do you care about your kids? In one hour of television your child could be exposed to graphic sex or violent killings. Children are very impressionable, especially at a young age, and watching television can have a negative impact on them. Many children believe that what they watch on television is real. There are many reasons why certain programs …

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…money for personal gain just like they saw their hero do on television. Television is teaching children many negative acts. Children are trusting and naïve and usually they believe everything they see and hear. Television can corrupt the innocent minds of young viewers through its bad programs. Parent should monitor what their children are watching to avoid them viewing any negative television shows and to prevent further corruption of their innocent minds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**