Television portrails of teenagers (positive and negative)

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Television portrays teenagers in many different ways. Some television shows portray teenagers in a negative way, and some in a positive way. If I were a viewer with no other knowledge of teenagers I would conclude from the shows that are on television that teenagers are loud, rude, obnoxious, and violent towards to society. Most shows exaggerate teenager's actions leading to a negative portrayal. Some television shows portray teenagers in negative ways such as "That 70…

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…'s Show" and some are like "7th heaven". When television portrays teenagers in a positive way they usually exaggerates when they show the teenagers having no problems and always just partying. Teenagers have problems in shows they never show teenagers doing homework, or working. Television portrays teenagers so it seems they don't work, help their parents clean or do homework. On television it seems all teenagers do is hang out with their friends and talk.