Telecommuting and Us

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Telecommuting and Us Telecommuting is a very interesting and complex subject. The pros and cons of this concept are numerous and both sides have excellent arguments. In the research I've done I feel I have to argue both sides to maintain a sense of perspective. I had mixed feelings about telecommuting before I started this research and I find that this is something many others have in common with me. The reasons for and against …

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…most companies in most situations. I don't feel that telecommuting is for every company but it could certainly benefit many. Bibliography Bibliography 1. Byte Magazine, May 91, Vol. 16 Issue 5, "Is it Time to Telecommute?", Don Crabb, et al. 2. Compute! Magazine, Oct. 91, Vol. 13 Issue 10, "Workplace", D. Janal 3. The New Era of Home Based Work: Directions and Policies, Kathleen E. Christensen, WestView Press, 1988 4. Telecommuting: The Organizational and Behavioral Effects of Working at Home, Reagan Mays Ramsower, UMI Research Press, 1985