Teenage Drinking

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Who influences the alcohol use and misuse of British teenagers? Although the health risks of Heavy drinking is known and understood, the social habit continues to be accepted as a cultural norm. Is it? Surprising then, that the young people are beginning to drink at school ages. It is illegal to purchase An alcoholic drink under the age of 18, it would appear through the current research that teenage drinking Is common place. A recent Scottish …

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…parental and peers influences. Sweet designer alcoholic beverages are now becoming very popular and fashionable. There is the argument that the alcohol industry are actually marketing such products directly to the youth culture. McKeganey(1996), found that sweet and fruity alcoholic drinks were indeed more popular amongst school children in Dundee than other alcoholic beverages. These drinks often carry bright, Colorful cartoon and childlike images that are associated with advertising products to children and Young people.